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Polyester button is a type of button that is often preferred and used in the clothing industry. The reason why it is so popular is that the manufacturer can produce a wide variety of polyester buttons and that the customer can use the polyester button functionally in many fields and sectors. Final Düğme has nearly […]

Voxeljet teknoloji sayesinde kalıp kullanmadan karmaşık maçalarınızı ve kum kalıplarınızı çok hızlı bir şekilde 3D Yazıcıdan üretebilirsiniz. Bu inovatif yaklaşım sayesinde üretim hatlarınızı çok daha esnek ve verimli hale getirebilir, özellikle az adetli üretimlerde çok daha ekonomik bir şekilde üretim yapabilirsiniz.  Kum 3D Yazıcıda farklı boyutlarda silika kum (GS14, GS15, GS19, GS25) ile üretim yapabilir, […]

It is a type of button produced from seashells collected from the seas of South Asia. Mother-of-pearl buttons, which have a unique original color and texture, are one of the environmentally friendly button types due to their natural origin and sustainable production techniques. Final Düğme Pearl button Exports to many different regions of the world. […]

Although Rod Button is similar to polyester button in terms of main raw material, it is a different button model in terms of production stages. This button model, which has been produced by Final Düğme for many years, comes first in terms of design. Thanks to the production technique, the texture and appearance of the […]

The raw material of Korozo Button is the seed of a tree that grows in the nominal principle Amazon rainforest. This type of button, which is completely natural, is very durable thanks to its fibrous structure. The details in its own structure have an attractive aesthetic in button form. Final Button has proven its quality […]

Another kind of natural button that Final Düğme serves. It is made from the shell of a coconut. It adds a natural atmosphere to textile products with its own patterns and original color. Final Düğme Coconut buttons laser technology can make customer-specific patterns & logos. In addition, Final Düğme Coconut can respond very quickly to […]